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New Website

A new website and lots of new content finally!

Well, I am back and absolutely raring to go. It has been and still is a very difficult time for all. Freelanchers, carers, NHS and keyworkers alike. The last three months has seen everyone effected in a way that nobody could have forseen.

I have taken the opportunity to have a long, detailed think about the photography that I provided and why I provided it. What I was proud of and what I could do better at. Social media what are my accounts? What do I share where and why do I share it?

All of these considerations went into this new website and to some extent brand. It is still me (Neil) behind all of this, that won’t change. The same personal level of service, the same care and attention. However, I felt the logo and in particular the website was a bit old school. I knew that the photography needed updating and the galleries changing. Changing nearly every aspect of the website was a time consuming and long project. Pages are different, the style is different. The content over the months to come will be vastly different.

Expect a new mailing list, training opportunities, pop up photography events and a much wider area of coverage. Our pricing has been updated, our logo has evolved, our website is new and fresh.

Finally, whilst we continue to manage with COVID19, I will be following the appropriate level of guidance in each UK country. There are slight regional variations. Please ask if you have any questions regarding this.

Finally, please have a look around my new site. If you have any questions please ask. You can get me on the phone, send me a whatsapp, contact me via social media or send an email.

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