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Where will our portrait sessions take place?

This is your photo shoot so the choice of location is entirely up to you. I can photograph at your home, or at a place that you enjoy as a family such as a local park, the beach, the woods, or a combination of locations. I have photographed many locations from the Heritage Coast in South Wales to the Mountain of North Wales. If you are struggling to choose a location then do let me know and I will happily assist in choosing somewhere that suits your family and location. Choose a lifestyle shoot and lets arrange a photography shoot at home.

What do I need to bring?

Anything you want! If we are heading out to the sea, woods or park, then bring along the things you would normally for a day out: toys and games for the children to play – balls, scooters, etc – fruit bars and drinks for that all important energy boost

What about the weather?

First of all, don’t worry, if it is raining, then we can photograph indoors. However, there is a lot of fun to be had from putting on those wellington boots and splashing in puddles, so we’ll probably head outside for a little while! Autumn time and the wonderful burnt orange colours with bobble hats make for the most wonderful photographs. If it is really bad weather, then I am happy to postpone, we should know what the weather will be like a few days in advance, so this can be accommodated if necessary.

Do you mind our dogs, horses, hamsters or in fact any pet joining us on a shoot?

Of course not. In fact, if you have pets and they are part of the family I’d actively encourage it.

When do portrait sessions take place?

Portrait sessions usually (not exclusively) take place in the morning. However, I love shooting photographs into the sun and I find that the early evening light works really well. Of course, I can be entirely flexible, so if you prefer we can change the times to suit your family.

How long will our portrait session last?

I set aside a minimum of two hours, but in all honesty, I’ll be there until I am happy we have got the shots I know you will love. On occasions, this can be the entire morning. Don’t worry about time, we will go with the flow.

What if I have a poorly child?

It really is no problem, if your child is ill, then we can reschedule. All I would ask is that you give me as much notice as possible. I have a young son, so do know perfectly well that it isn’t always possible. Please call me as I can’t always reply to emails immediately.

What should I wear and how should I dress my children?

Please get them to wear their favourite clothes, it is really important they they relax into the shoot, so allowing them to wear their favourite clothes will really help. If you can try and avoid big patterns, that would be helpful. I’m not a huge fan of lots of white clothing, but this is your shoot, so please dress as you would on a summers day or an autumnal afternoon.

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