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Why pay a professional ?

Running a conference is huge project, the exposure benefits and networking opportunities are huge. However, as the planning mounts up, it can be tempting to look for small savings. Hiring dedicated conference photographer will give your team confidence to ensure the event runs smoothly on the day.

Moreover, you can brief me (conference photographer) beforehand to make sure those vital shots are taken. In fact I am often asked for the best lecturn and banner positioning to maximise brand exposure. The resulting photos will be of a high standard and professional quality.

The photographs can then be used for marketing purposes – demonstrating your organisation’s reach, influence and quality.


A specialist event and conference photographer will take first-class photos which can also be used on your website and in wider marketing material. But what skills will I bring that your own staff don’t have? Well, I come fully equipped with all the gear I need on the day.

I’m also experienced at capturing the best angles, the most creative natural shots or formal portraits. Carefully Capturing rather than intruding your attendees or disrupting the conference. I have the experience to communicate effectively with you before the event to ensure I photograph the very moments you want captured.

You’ll get all these benefits and more if you book me for your next conference.

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