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COVID 19 Precautions for photography shoots

COVID 19 has changed the world, it is now a very different place. Prior to the terrible COVID19 pandemic there was little need to worry about personal safety for photography shoots. We are not out of the woods but the country is beginning to open up and it is leading to moire phoitography commissions. This is just a brief statement, as I wanted to take the opportunity to make my position clear.

I will be following every piece of guideline that is made available. This will ensure any work I am commissioned to complete is as as safe as possible. Using facemasks for interior work for example. Maintaining social distancing rules.

Outdoor shoots are still very possible. However, they must adhere to the family gathering requirements of each country. I have commissioned shoots in both England and Wales and there are slight regional variations. I will adhere to the code of each country, please get in touch to discuss the details.

COVID 19 has been a terrible time for many businesses. I am no different, so we will be looking at ways to be imagintiave and creative moving into 2021. All of our shoot wree reviewed via an online gallery. We will continue to do this. I will make more of the products I offer visible on my new website. This will allow more visibility of the offerings.

In simple terms, I want to ensure that any shoot booked with me will be do with the utmost care and attention. Nothing will be left to chance. I want to ensure that you, my customers are safe, secure and comfortable with any photography commission.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns you might have.

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