Golden Light on the Heritage Coastline

I had some commercial photography assignments in Porthcawl last week, which just happened to coincide with some high winds and a lunchtime high tide.

Landscape Photography with Neil Mansfield

Porthcawl is undertaking a major overhaul at the moment, so the gorgeous lighthouse that takes a terrific bashing for each high tide/high wind weather event is now covered in Scaffolding. But if you search out the rocky foreground below the breakwater, you can still make an image or two.

The portrait landscape below is only possible during a high tide, but the high tide must be less than 8 metres otherwise the rocks will be underwater. Having completed my assingment locally, I checked in on the weather forecast and the overcast but stormy conditions were set to stay for a few hours through until sunset.

Sea landscape photography

As a landscape photographer I am always looking for the best light and the Heritage Coastline usually delivers, so being a few hours away from sunset and only 20 minutes from Monknash (my favourite Heritage Coastline spot) I headed over, parked up and walked down through the woods onto Monknash beach.

It was quiet, nobody (as usual) was about, the rocky, pebbly beach had just been battered by the high tide, which was slowly ebbing it’s way out again. I sat down, I poured myself a coffee and started thinking about compositions for sunset. The tide was receding which meant compositionally it’s a challenge as you are always chasing the sea, it also retreats at a fair pace on the coastline.
This final image was photographed looking away from the light, towards the Heritage Coastline, it shone a gorgeous golden colour for about 8 minutes, with a lovely rainbow peaking out on the cliff face, before the sun disappeared behind a cloudbank, not to be seen again.It’s not all about the sunset, if you are on location and waiting for a evening light, turnaround and put your back to the sun, chances are the shot you REALLY want is right behind you!

“Waiting for the light” at Monknash

Golden light on the Heritage Coastline

If you want to commission me for a landscape photograph commercially or privately, please do get in touch. I photograph the Brecon Beacons, Pembrokeshire, the Heritage Coastline, North Wales and Cardiff.

Please watch this space for the imminent launch of a new landscape website and a whole ream of workshops covering basic camera technique to detailed landscape tuition.

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